Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Getting my AP portfolio done. Actually had to call my mom to get her to excuse me from third period so I could have a decent chunk of time today to work on it, seeing as how I don't have photoshop at my house and I had to work after school. Anyways, I'm almost finished. I will be so glad to have all of this done, however, it is a LOT less stressful now that the showcase is over and I don't have to stress out about finding kilns to fire my stuff over weekends... Finally! I have some of my work photographed to put up here:

Thursday, April 22, 2010

This is a post.

All pieces due on Monday. Awesome. I'm not done yet, but almost. ......kind of. I will for sure have everything done by the showcase. Maybe not Monday....I might need just an extra day..... Anywho. I'm going to be happy to have everything done. I also haven't written my statement yet. It's been a baaaaaad ceramics week. Here's a picture of a hand!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Hey all you art people! And miscellaneous other not-so-important readers........It is THURSDAY and I have two projects in the making.......out of four completed projects that need to be done by next week. The weekend should be fun! Filled with clay. My barnacle hand came out of the pit firing and I LOVE IT! The colors turned out great, a lot of reds. Also, a picture was taken of it in the pit and it is the most demonic looking picture ever, not to mention the AWESOMEST (not a word). For all of you who haven't seen it is. I couldn't be more happy with it. Also, I re-fired another hand and that turned out great also. Lovin' the projects right now.

A list of projects, to keep me stressin:

1) ball hand thing
2) nail hand thing
3) twisted hand thing
4) claw talon hand thing (Clutch, as Amy named it)
5) barnacle hand thing
6) wrapped up hand thing
7) partial hand thing
8) wall hanging hand thing
9) long hand (work in progress)
10) other random undetermined not finished yet hand thing (work in progress)


Thursday, April 8, 2010


Alrighty. I've been working my butt off this last week trying to get as much done as humanly possible. One of my projects finally broke!!!! I wasn't all too broken up about it (pun?) because I was waiting for it to happen. Some of these projects have been.....delicate. Anyhow, so it was a project that was in three pieces, and only one piece broke, so I decided to take a day and replace it. It turned out well and is in the kiln. Then on top of that, I started and am now almost done with yet another project! It's this hand coming out of clay, I think it's turning out well ( sounds lame..). It needs a counterpart-hand, so bright and early tomorrow morning (9...9:30ish) you can find me in the ceramics room working on that. I will be in the ceramics room allllll day tomorrow trying to get as much done before the week is over. I hope to complete the hand(s) coming out of clay, do another project, and start another project besides that. Then I'll do a hand over the weekend at my house, and then next week I'll be all lined up to finish my portfolio with the completion of another hand and a half. Then firings. Then pictures. Then showcase. Ahhh, April stress....lovin it. For all you people who are as stressed out as I am, these pictures should help. Also, first person to buy me a hedgehog wins my eternal love.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day Late

Alright everyone. So. Did you know that blog spelled backwards is NOT glob? My dad tried to tell me that it was. It's 'golb'. Anyways, the barnacle hand is on it's way to firing and I'm almost done with another hand. I was going to do a hand that was all disassembled and connected with wire, and I still might, but as I was making the thumb it rolled out of my hand and onto the floor! However, it landed perfectly in such a way on it's side that it kind of looked like a fossil of a thumb sticking out of the ground....or something. So I made some fingers to go along with it and now it looks like a hand reaching out through the table (or, when I get it finished, the wall). I was thinking that for my next project I would do something along the lines of my very first hand project, with the fingers reaching out of the ball, except do it with a thrown vase. I think it'd be interesting to create an illusion of a hand stuck in a vase but when you looked inside there was no real hand. The idea is still in the making.

In other news, I went to the OCAC free class thing for gold key winners. I did the woodworking/instruments class, and it was GREAT! I thoroughly enjoyed it. I told a few of you that I went and a few of you said that you were planning on going. Two things about this: you should have, it was a day well spent. However, I'm really glad you didn't, because seeing as how I was one of two kids in the class, I got to make a far more complex instrument than I would have if there would have been more people. I pretty much got to make whatever I wanted, which turned out to be this funky guitar type thing. It's got a super weird design to it, but it is functional. I had a great time, learned some cool things, and got a project out of it.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

hand pictures!

Crap I forgot the picture. So here ya go, some cool pictures of hands (well..I think they're cool..)

Art Stuff stuff....let's see, what have I been up to lately? Well the barnacle hand is coming along nicely, although now I'm having doubts about whether or not I should actually put the barnacles on it or not. It is the most disturbing looking thing....a hand with big, golf-ball-sized warts all over it. It definitely looks diseased. If I throw the barnacles on, they'll just be around the edges of the warts, and they'll be tiiiiiiiiiiiny. Tiny for barnacles, at least. Uh, so not much more to report, I guess. I'm doing one of those free classes at OCAC for the scholastic gold key winners. Something about wood and instruments....should be fun. Is anyone else going to one?